MSL Reads

I am usually the medicine, psychology, faith, autobiographical, leadership, self/personal development and entrepreneurial based book type of reader, but I have of recent developed interest in reading books that are based on science fiction, history, mystery, and crime. I’m still exploring other genres of books that I feel might interest me.

Below are the list of books I’ve read so far or currently reading. In case you might be interested in any of the books, the resell option will soon be available so you can buy them.

2019 Reads

1. Christian Faith Based
2. Medicine and Psychology based
3. Leadership Development Based
4. Forensic Pathology & Criminal Profiling Based
5. Archaeology & Conspiracy Based
6. Christian Faith Based
7. Psychology Based
8. Crime Based
9. Self-development Based
10. Business and Economics Based
11. Autobiography Based
12. Personal Development Based
13. Personal development

2020 Reads

1. Personal Development
2. Personal Development
3. Psychology Based
4. Autobiography Based