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Why did lot’s wife look back?

Friday night, at about 10:35 p.m my phone rang, I searched under the pillow my eyes still closed, swiped my screen to answer the call, I already knew who was calling.

“Hello, are you outside, Should I open the door?” I asked my sister trying to save enough time to go back to my sleep.

“I’m not, our neighbor is, she said she has been knocking. Can you let her in?”


I clumsily walked to the door, opened it and she walked pass me. She looked different than usual, a little bit messy and tired. “Are you okay, how was your exams?”

“Fine, I am done…”

“Okay, congrats…” I smiled and locked the door behind her, she walked to the kitchen and I just went back to bed. ” I need to shower, can I use the heater?”

” okay”I mumbled and closed…

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