So far so good, the year 2019 has been nothing short of amazing. I have accomplished things that I thought where not possible to attain, though I was indeed tested and tried in different ways and by different situations but I pulled through. 

I think one of the major decisions I had to make in the year 2019, was moving back to my home country after being away for 5-years. When my graduation drew nearer, I started getting anxious about what my next course of action should be. I sure wanted to continue with my postgraduate degree and probably never move back home to work in Nigeria, but after a lot of consideration, I decided to come back home.

More so, with the country being in the state of economic hardship, I knew exactly what I was probably coming back to, and so I chose to have no expectation whatsoever coming back and I think that is what has helped me remain resilient in the face of the systemic changes, and the difficulties that comes with being a graduate in Nigeria. A day after I arrived the country and visited my family in my home town, I left for Lagos for the FPGOP (Foreign Pharmacists Graduate Orientation Program) which lasted for six-weeks.

This licensing program for foreign pharmacist graduates, took a toll on me, the most stressful program I had to do within the given frame of time. I will sure write a separate post about the program for prospective foreign pharmacist graduates. I had to adapt to some new experiences coming back home, some things where obviously not as they used to be, given the space of time I had spent away. So, do I regret coming back home? Well you tell me.

It’s been about 6-months since I came back and I have been inducted into the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), I am now a provisionally licensed pharmacist, member of the PCN and PSN (Pharmacists Society of Nigeria), after going through the necessary processes to qualify for that in the past 3-months or there about. I’m currently awaiting my internship acceptance at one of the most prestigious hospital in the country. So far so good, my plans are on point. I intend on completing my internship and then writing the final qualifying examination to obtain my full license to practice as an independent pharmacist in Nigeria, then I can proceed to do the mandatory service for graduates in Nigeria, through the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). All of this will hopefully take me two years.

I think for the most part, I have enjoyed and I’m still enjoying my stay here in Nigeria. In my opinion, I can say it was worth it coming back. Should you be in diaspora and might be contemplating whether if to come back or not, all I can tell you is to have a definite plan of things you want to do or accomplish before coming back. Make sure you have zero expectations if not, you might be disappointed in ways you won’t anticipate. Patience is everything, when it comes to resetting, or adapting again to how things work in Nigeria, as the system is broken and so some things might not occur as you anticipate them to.

In so much as the number of unemployment is on the rise in the country, especially amongst graduates, I think if you play your cards right, you will get to achieve your targets. It might not be easy and smooth, but slowly and steady with patience and some connections, you will make it. 


  1. Good to know that you’ve enjoyed your return to Nigeria😂.
    Waiting for your write up on your FPGOP experience at Lagos.


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