Mistakes: They Are Essential To Your Becoming

It is common practice to live your life avoiding this mistake or that mistake or making mistakes altogether. But is it really the right way to live as we grow and advance in our lives? Does it really make us better people or does it rob us of certain experiences?

I have lived life carefully and consciously avoiding mistake but I later came to this utter realization and understanding. 

Sure, there are mistakes that you should avoid, but mistakes can be good as well, and often times than not, it plays a significant role in your becoming. Best believe, certain mistakes are inevitable.

What in principle does ‘mistake’ really mean?

According to Dr. Robert J. Maurer, “mistakes are of various types, some mistakes we want or need to make, some so we can learn from them and grow in our skills, and understanding, and others so we can learn to forgive.

Other mistakes he said however, are the types that we would like to, or must avoid at all costs.”

The reality is successful people, make more mistakes than unsuccessful people, simply because they take action and explore uncharted territories of their lives in their careers, businesses, relationships and what not.

They try new things.

Intentional inaction, just because you are afraid of making mistakes would definitely affect your ability to be successful in whatever you are trying to achieve.

In essence, as you take actions, make decisions in your life, you are bound to make certain mistakes usually because of some things you didn’t know or didn’t understand prior to taking certain actions or making certain choices.

What I’m simply getting at here is this, quit living life trying not to make mistakes, it’s exhausting, and you probably would end up making the mistake anyway.

Quit interpreting mistakes as failures, or negative, or as an end road.

It is there to shape you, to grow and mature you, to help you see better, and also teach you to forgive when necessary, and move on.

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