My Contemplations: On Creativity

I have come to accept myself for the eccentric and intense person that I am, with all my quirks and weird personalities. Sometimes I wish some of my personalities were just a mere persona or façade, but they unfortunately aren’t. Interestingly, I have come to understand and embrace some and I am loving them.

I have at a certain stage in my life lived in a way to be or fit what my society ascribed as normal, but not long did I realize that I was just limiting myself and what was considered by others as normal, was actually becoming my persona or façade rather than a true reflection of who I really am, and I was terrible at living out those façades. Normalcy inhibits me from getting in touch with my creative mind.

Well, enough with my quirky life. I mentioned my quirkiness, to say this, your creative ability is manifested when you realize and confidently start living out your true self. In my experience, I am at my best and I’m most creative when I allow myself in a space that enables me to unleash my quirks without any sense of being judged or stereotyped.

No space allows for such freedom, like my solitude. The more time I spend by myself the more I can focus on what matters. I see better, my perspective about things becomes clearer and it is usually in those moments that I can create new things, be innovative and grow.

so, what is this solitude?

Solitude, is simply a state of being alone all by your self.

But being in solitude does not necessarily mean being lonely. It is a wilful self seclusion, that is for positive reasons and with good intent.

That is the solitude i’m referring to here.

When you study the lifestyle of inventors and artists, the likes of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Pablo Picasso, amongst others, their solitude had a significant effect on their ability to create.

Albert Einstein

No wonder Pablo Picasso said,

“without great solitude, no serious work is possible.”

Pablo Picasso

Greg McKeown, the author of the book Essentialism, said,

“To have focus we need to escape to focus.”

In other words, you have to create a space to explore and ponder. By creating space to think and focus, you can step back from the trivial many, see clearly, and work on the vital few.

You need great solitude to figure out what matters. You need that level of clarity to innovate, create and grow. 


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