My dissertation: Guess that makes me an author

My academic graduation thesis, was the first academic article I have ever researched for and written to completion, obviously with the guidance and supervision of my professors.

Ever since I started pharmacy school, I have always had a thing for pharmacology, which is the backbone of the pharmacy profession. We were required to choose 5 topics from the various departments in the faculty of pharmacy. My first two choices of topics were from the pharmacology department the other three from some other departments.

It was left for the thesis committe to choose one topic from the 5 topics. The pick is usually based on the students CGPA, so if I picked the same topic with another student that has a higher CGPA than mine, the student gets the topic and they move to my second choice of topic until they find one nobody picked or if I have a higher CGPA. Luckly for me I got the first topic I chose, guess nobody chose the topic…

The topic I got for my dissertation was “The Role of Endothelin-1 in prostate Cancer,” and a good topic it was. Writing this dissertation came with much ease for me as I loved researching, reading, and I usually feed my curiousity. Thanks to my supervisor Prof. Dr. Jale Yuzugulen, as a result of her invaluable guidance and supervision, it was excellently and professionally written. Guess that makes me an author now.

Well, I felt I should share it with you.

With My Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jale Yuzugulen

I am going to attach below the pdf copy of the dissertation, incase it might interest you to check, perhaps it could be useful to you.

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