Finding Meaning In Little Things

What does the phrase “Find meaning in things you do or in every little thing” mean to you? Ponder on that for a minute. I suppose a few thoughts come to mind about this. I’m going to be sharing with you some few thoughts about what it means to find meaning in every little thing you do or intend doing in your life and why it matters to find those meanings. I have once read that the purpose of life is a life of purpose, but there is no purpose without meaning in what you might suppose as your life’s purpose. Essentially the day you start intentionally and consciously finding meaning in the things you do in your life; it will be the day you start living your life’s purpose.

The likes of Viktor Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist, among others have taken a unique approach in understanding the pursuit of meaning in life. Frankl, after his personal encounters, advice that “one should not search for an abstract meaning of life.” In other words, “if meaning in life is what you want to find then you have to let it happen by not caring about it.” He suggested that you engage instead in activities that connect you with something greater, as Frankl will say “a cause greater than oneself.” This could be committing yourself to the pursuit of knowledge by working towards getting a university education, starting a business, committing yourself to take care of others as in a health care provider or a family or pursuing a career or what not. That is more definite than rather going on a wild goose chase for meaning in life.

Pursuing meaning in life as Frankl has stated, is vague and to an extent impractical and I couldn’t agree more. However, unlike Frankl’s take to finding meaning in life, my major focus and approach to finding meaning in life is not necessarily by not pursuing meaning in life as Frankl has suggested, but rather in finding meaning in every little thing you do. Yes, I’m talking about doing things with reason, defining the motives behind things you do in your life. Most of us are guilty of just going through life and doing things without having a personal meaning of what those things really mean to us and we wonder why we have so many regrets in our lives and often times end up victims of circumstances that could have otherwise been avoided, had you identified what those things meant to you personally.

Stop going with the flow, just because the majority is doing something, that does not mean that thing is appropriate and fitting for you as well. Doing anything that you do today in your life just because others are doing it, as it is commonplace among millennials, is indirectly doing yourself a disservice and you might eventually end up with regrets. Seeking out meaning in things you do or intend doing is essential and a prerequisite to really enjoying and maximizing them. You need this because not only does it help you prioritize as needed, but it creates the balance that you need in your life to fulfill your God-given purpose. You have a better understanding of the purpose of those things you are doing when you pay attention and search out the meaning of those little things.

Finding meaning in every little thing you do, gives your life shape, direction and also understanding of your purpose. See stop depending on external influences to determine what you should do or shouldn’t do, that does not, however, mean that you shouldn’t listen for advice and constructive criticisms but it should, first of all, come from people that you know are wise and secondly people who have a definite direction and grip over their own lives and have your best interest at heart. Status quos are also part of those external influences, if a status quo does more harm than good by either antagonizing others, or limiting you from expressing your true self, then don’t live by it. Don’t be naïve, don’t be fooled, to find meaning in every little thing you do or intend doing is no cliché. I personally enjoy the liberation and regret free life that comes with finding meaning in little things and so can you.

So, whether it be your faith, or your relationships, your career, your health, among other things which are basic elements that constitute your life, find personal meaning to why you subscribe to those things, then you will begin to see what you have been missing out on and things you need to focus on more, you will see and understand what relationships in your life right now, that has become toxic and are rather situationships and needs severing from, you will realize some lifestyle changes that you need but never realized, you will understand you, accept you as you are and love you like never before. Remember Charity begins at home; think of yourself as your home, start from there and eventually, someday you will influence and change your world. Take control of your life and define it on your own terms and as it should be, by finding meaning in every little thing you do or intend doing.

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