Holistic Living: What Is Holistic Living?

Having an understand of what the word “holistic” or “holism” mean, is a necessary prerequisite to grasping the concept of a holistic lifestyle. The word “holistic” generally means the connection between different parts of things that constitutes a whole. Psychology describes it better, “it involves treating your whole person, that is both your physical (body), mental (mind) and spiritual (soul), aspect rather than just a part of you. These three components constitute the sum total of the things that enables us to live and co-exist as humans.  

Basically, the holistic approach to health means that you as a person work intentionally towards maintaining a working balance between your body, mind, and soul. This, however, entails focusing not only on your physical health, but also your mental and spiritual as a collective whole. These three are all interconnected towards your proper and effective functioning. Various studies have shown how a negative effect on either of the three can affect others.

For instance, “stress” is usually a physical effect, which means your body is affected. But did you know that physical stress can affect your mind? Yes, it very much can, I am talking about chronic stress, a type that your body keeps experiencing over a period of time. It has been linked to the various incidence of depression and at extreme even mania. Interestingly, “worry” as we know it, is an activity of the mind or emotion, but it can also trigger stress responses and in turn affect the body by resulting in various effects like loss of appetite, weight loss, a gastrointestinal disturbance which affects the body. So, this shows you how an imbalance in one part of either your mind, body or rarely the soul can affect your whole person.

Conclusively, through a holistic lifestyle, you are able to live a more healthy and effective life. This topic is a series that consists of three parts, this is one part one, and it gives you an introductory and background understanding of “holistic living”. The two-other sequel to this, will include in-depth information that will help you understand the relevance of holistic living and how you can practice this lifestyle in your day to day life.

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