The Journey Begins Here

“Knowledge Precedes Liberation; you are a slave to what you don’t know”

Mitarya S. Louis

Over the years, I  came to this realization that the day you stop living out other people’s expectations about who or what they think you should be and start expressing your innermost person, will be the day you stop existing and start living. I found out that nothing brings true fulfillment, joy and serenity like being your true self, expressing you unapologetically without conforming to any sort of status quo or stereotype. We live in a world today that tries to define who you and I should be regardless the vast wealth of unique attributes, gifting and talents that we have embodied within us waiting to be showcased to the world.  I, like others nearly got sucked into this system of conformity to the expectations of the world around me and for sure I became confused about what I was exactly living for, but then I started questioning some of the status quo  and upon much realizations, now I’m free.

Well this is me, with all that I am and all that I have, I’m imperfect like any other human being learning new things everyday about myself, life itself and the world around me and I’m  evolving constantly into the best version of myself.  I am a strong believer of free will, we all as a people have the God given free will to choose what we want to do or who we want to be and what not. I came to this understanding which I phrased “knowledge precedes liberation”, meaning you are a slave to what what you don’t know. If you grew up with a certain mentality or belief, which you were fed by virtue of nurture or informal or formal education by your family, a group, your community or the society, it sticks with you and forms the basis on which you look at yourself, your life and the world around you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that everything you have learnt right from infancy until now is all negative and makes you bias, not at all. There are however things that you now conform to as a result of some of these intellectual nurturing overtime  which makes you believe certain things to be the way you now believe they should be. But do you just stick to all these things and allow them navigate your course in life or do you make adjustments by understanding the basis of some of these beliefs and weather if it really does more good than harm. When a mentality that constitutes your belief harms others or even your own self, then you need to start questioning those mentality or belief system.

We all follow a certain systemic belief for which most of us have no personal relational understanding, and most times these systemic beliefs inhibits our personal growth and progress through self sabotage and at extreme, antagonizes other people around us and this is totally unfair either ways. When you and I have an understanding of what we believe in, be it  a culture, religion, life style or status quo then we will be able to live out our best selves without any self sabotage or antagonizing others as a result of our ignorance.

But such understanding comes only when you keep an open mind and are willing to question some of these systemic beliefs or mentality, and by so doing, you get gainful knowledge and then understanding and then liberation especially when these beliefs have been the root cause of a major setback in your life unbeknownst to you.  Here are two things even the Holy bible says firstly “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” and secondly,  “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free”. Therefore, knowledge precedes liberation.

Join me here as we explore life together, through holistic-living.


  1. Words! People are much concern about what would people say, think and do. Unless this mindset is given another orientation, we go a problem

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    1. Absolutely! It starts with our individual willingness to question those status quo and it ends with our willingness to take action!


  2. 💯.Yea, knowledge precedes liberation and actually been in a state of mediocrity is a huge disadvantage. But lik u said understanding comes only when you keep an open mind and willing to questions and there’s that..


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